Our Story

Liyan McAteer is an independent, woman-owned and operated brand. We offer collections that celebrate and accentuate the beauty of womanhood at all stages of life. Our brand seeks to inspire women to pursue their dreams. We believe in representing all types of women.

Liyan McAteer began with a love of vintage styles from past decades to bring iconic, timeless styles back to life. We create contemporary fashion with an emphasis on quality materials and craftmanship ethically-sourced worldwide to surpass the expectation of our customers. Our pieces let you effortlessly bring a chic look to the modern day and are sure to be forever classics in any wardrobe.


Our Mission

We aspire to revive timeless, high quality, and well design pieces to share with women everywhere. We work tirelessly to use the finest quality materials from our global sources and construct our garments with highest level of craftsmanship. Lastly, we strive to be good stewards of the planet and manage our production and materials selections carefully.


Sustainability is a priority at Liyan McAteer. We are constantly conscious of our impact on the environment, and we are careful with our choices from production to shipping materials. We believe in slow fashion, choosing to fill wardrobes with garments that never go out of style. Our emphasis on quality construction ensures dependable garments and accessories to persist through future seasons.